19km Milestone On Mathura Goverdhan Road, Entry point of Govardhan , Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India

Radha Kund, Govardhan

Radha Kund, one of the sacred lakes in Govardhan, is the site where Lord Krishna, Radha and the gopis spent their leisure time. It is also believed that after slaying the bull shaped demon Aritsa, Lord Krishna took bath in the Radha Kund.

Kusum Sarovar, Govardhan

Kusum Sarovar is a famous tank where the gopis used to wait for Lord Krishna with flowers. It measures 450 ft in length and 60 ft in depth and has steps on all the sides. The tank is surrounded by the Kadamba tree groves .

Mansi Ganga Tank, Govardhan

Mansi Ganga Tank is a masonry tank in the centre of the Govardhan town. It has several enclosures and steps constructed by Raja Bhagwan Das and Raja Man Singh.

Har Deva Ji Temple, Govardhan

Har Deva Ji temple is an old shrine located in the Govardhan town near Mathura. The 400 years old temple was constructed during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar.